Oracle’s evolving EPM Suite since 2014
For those of you who visited KSCOPE14 the landscape has been changing quite a bit. We’ve seen the release come to light as well as a huge cloud push.

On the cloud topic, industry pundits say by 2020 the majority of enterprise applications will be hosted in the cloud. You may have heard the term “Hybrid Cloud” this is the notion of external “public” (their hardware) clouds mixed with on premise private (your hardware) clouds. Oracle’s go forward EPM sales stance is to offer cloud first and only offer on premise EPM products on request.


Available as of April 2016

  • Account Reconciliation Cloud
  • Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud
  • Enterprise Planning Cloud

Available real soon (May/June 2016)

  • Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud


The Oracle push into engineered systems for on premise clients continues with the latest Exalytics X5-4 and T5-8 models. There have been discussions about making Oracle EPM cloud software available in a private cloud on the engineered platforms. This gives you more control of the environment and allows you to preserve your investment in those engineered systems. You potentially can have a mix of a private cloud and the on-premise software releases as well giving the ultimate flexibility.

EPM Engineered Systems and Software

  • EPM Cloud on Premise (real soon now)
  • Exalytics T5-8 (Sparc Based @ 128 cores / 4 TB RAM)
  • Exalytics X5-4 (Intel Based @ 72 cores / 3 TB RAM)
  • Exalytics X4-4 (Intel Based @ 40 Cores / 2 TB RAM
  • Exalytics 2.0 Software Stack (supporting Flash on OVM)

EPM Software


  • Hybrid (encouraging sparse calculations)


  • Redesigned removing Windows dependencies (No DCOM here)

Financial Data Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)

  • DRM Integration
  • EPM Sources (HFM, Essbase — further putting the nail in the EPMA coffin)

Data Relationship Management (DRM)

  • Data Relationship Governance module (workflows and approvals)


  • Oracle 12c
  • SQL Server 2012 (SQL Server 2014 and 2016 still not certified)