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My chapter is already slightly out dated in that now Oracle has certified having 10 virtual machines on the X Series of Exalytics when using the Patch Set 5 release of Exalytics media and the X5-4.  Good news for all Exalytics owners and slightly bad news for my chapter.


The great thing about the 10 VM’s is now you can logically setup your virtual machines just as you would physical.

Say you decided to put Oracle Database on the machines you could have one VM for that, one for TimesTen, one for OBIEE, and several for the EPM suite.  Figure out how to allocate your terabytes of ram across all ten and go for it.

The X5-4 Exalytics was also released post publication as well.  Some impressive specs and it can support up to 3 TB of ram which comes in handy with 10 VMs!


On a slightly non-sequiter topic, If you are like me when you get into My Oracle Support you are reading a few articles beyond what you searched on — Exalytics X series owners who are using OVM may want to take a read of Exalytics Specific Backup Recommendations for Oracle Virtual Machine.

Get Hyper Smart!

John A. Booth